I’m In Love With a “Wolf”!!!


So, I am working on Book 3 right now. And a new character introduced himself to me.

His name is Wolf and um…he doesn’t believe in wearing a shirt.

Thank goodness!

He is so hot!

He wants the readers to know 3 things:

1-Don’t ask him to wear a shirt

2-Don’t ask him about his past

3-Don’t ask him to stop gazing at you; he won’t.


I know Wolf is my new Angel crush. But how about you? Are you a Rio girl?

Marcus? Jay? Or could it be your heart belongs to Reese?

Meet Wolf; there is NOTHING Angel like about his touch

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Hey guys!

Okay so Guardians:the Girl and Guardians:The Fallout have gotten some
Really great reviews. Many of them four and five stars. But for every great review, you are bound
To get a bad one or two. I tried to brace myself for when it came. And it has.

I thought I would cry (silly I know) but I actually didn’t. The reason is because I have gotten
So much support from the fans who loved Guardians and can’t wait for book 3.
So, thank you so much for reading and reviewing (good or bad, thanks for taking the time)

Thank you:)

This is what happens when you Piss off your superpowered
Ex girlfriend…

Hey guys!

Book 2 is doing so well, we wanted to make it easier for
Those of you who have not read it, to get it.

Good news: its only $0.99 on Amazon.
Bad news:This sale won’t last.
So, start reading and find out why Angels make bad boyfriends
(According to his Angel ex girlfriend)

After his death,Marcus found the luv of his life
ONLY $0.99


Hi guys!

Book 2 has been selling so well, I wanted to share some insights with you.
I write at this nice coffee shop in Hollywood. I have written books 1,2 and now am working on book 3 at the cafe. They are really sweet. They let me stay there past closing time. Sometimes I even help them put up the chairs.

I have gotten a lot of ideas from sitting at the Hudson cafe.

These ceiling lights became the shadow servents.

Here are some pics that inspired some of the elements in book 2.