I know I don’t post a lot. I’m sorry for that. The thing is Ive been working on book 4. So far there is so much the Guardians and Emmy are facing. It’s not just about fighting evil its about trying to save the love they have. That means more arguments, more making out and tears. So far book 4 starts off in a slower pace as the team adjust to the news revealed in book 3. But when the action comes…no one is safe. And Marcus may face a challenge far more difficult than Lucy–the end of Marcus & Emmy

I Know It Looks Bad..

Okay, so I have been pushing the FREE ebook promo for
Guardians:The Girl (on Amazon this Fri & Sat). I can’t wait for my book to be free. I hope everyone gets to meet Emmy & Marcus.

One human.One Angel. A world of scandal…

But while marketing 24/7, I have let a few things in my life…slide.
Like,well like food. Check out my refrigerator. But pls,pls,dont judge me. I plan on going food shopping. One day : D